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Big Data & Advanced Analytics

In our digitized society, more and more data has become available from a wide range of sources. Classical processing systems are no longer viable in this environment. Nowadays, every company needs an optimal big-data strategy. Data analysis has long looked beyond the information collected within a company to the information generated by the social media sector. Analyzing these initially unstructured data masses offers great opportunities to all business units: for example as the basis for decision-making in operational processes and for improved customer service.

Some application examples in various areas of the company are:

  • Sales: Prediction models for the loss of customers (Customer Loss Prediction)
  • Controlling: Real time simulations to help to make fast, well-founded decisions
  • Marketing: Analysis of customer data enables personalized and highly targeted advertising
  • IT: Prediction of computing capacities and component failures
  • All areas: Optimization forecasts in all areas
  • Production: Process improvement by analyzing data collected by means of sensors within machines


Our consulting service

Big data offers significant potential for achieving sustainable competitive advantages. Yet it requires a holistic approach: We look after the processing and analysis of your data, as well the development of resulting strategies, methods and technologies. We can offer advice in the following areas:

  • Optimal use of your technology
  • Best practice guides for the best strategies
  • Implementation of big data projects tailored to your company
  • Tuning your existing big data infrastructure
  • Advanced & predictive analytics tasks
  • Integration of external data sources
  • Implementation of machine learning systems
  • Employee training

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