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Services & Tools by SIEGER

Services & Tools by SIEGER

For all Companies it will become very important to draw correct conclusions from their data. Consequently, we have a very strong partnership with Tableau, a leading tool for data analysis and – visualization and offer comprehensive Services and Tools for your benefit.

What is Tableau?

From Global Companies as well as newly founded Startups and to small firms all users can use Tableau to visualize and understand their data.

Tableau supports their users to translate their data into practical knowledge and findings. Please explore all data with unlimited visual analysis functions. Dashboards can easily been developed and Ad-hoc Analysis been performed by only a few Klicks. Accordingly, your results can be shared and the company results been improved.

Our 8 Tableau®Services

Please benefit from our experience with Tableau for many years: We consult you across all processes: From software selection and license purchase to implementation and finally user training and –support.

Guided Evaluation

We support you to choice the correct Software.

We are your expert due to our experience for many years to select the appropriate combination of Tableau products for you: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Due to our evaluation process we support you across the entire value chain. This comprises product selection, implementation and finally daily usage. Consequently, your efficiency will be improved and costs saved.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Usability-Check
  • Cost-Benefit-Analysis
  • Selection Process
Software Licensing

Sale & management of Tableau licenses.

After the evaluation of Tableau and their features the licensing process starts. We are the Consultant of your choice to establish tailor made license solutions for your company. Neither global processes nor complex license management functions across many jurisdictions are an obstacle for us and can easily be managed.

This will lead to costs savings due to our „Need-to-have“-approach: As less as possible, as much as needed. We will ensure that you have only all licenses you needed and these been used.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Sale of Tableau licenses
  • License Management
  • License Management
IT Integration

We tie your IT together with Tableau.

In some cases and due the landscape of the current IT landscape the integration of Tableau can be a challenge. This is the case if the current IT Hardware & -Software is heterogeneous. Nevertheless, with our sound expertise we will find a solution. Consequently, Tableau has been implemented across various DAX-Groups by us. You process will be improved and more solid revenues will be generated.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Server set up
  • Development of interfaces
    • Local Data
    • Server Data
    • Web Data Connector (e.g. SharePoint, Textkernel)
  • Integration R and Python
  • User Management
Training courses

Tableau-Getting started workshop

You will learn the foundation of Tableau Desktop within 1 day. Furthermore, you will get 1st impressions of Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

  • Once a month in our Office at FFM
  • 1 day training for 6 hours
  • max. 8 participants
  • for our customers without charge
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Tableau Desktop – Basic Analytics

You will be trained to develop some reports with Tableau Desktop and to present & distribute your results by means of charts.

  • two training days
  • min. 4 participants
  • Dates & price on request

Tableau Desktop – Advanced Analytics

This training is tailor made for advanced learner. Complex analysis will be developed and the results by means of interactive been presented and distributed.

  • two training days
  • min. 4 participants
  • Dates & price on request

Individual training on request

e.g. for following topics and target groups:

  • Banks & Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate/Building Custodians
  • HR
User Support

We support you on-site.

We assist to generate the entire potential out of Tableau within your company. Consequently, we train and support you from day 1 within your projects across all Software- and Hardware- queries as well as by regular updates.

Our support comprises i.e.:

  • Guided Analysis
  • In-house coaching
  • Coaching-Cards
  • Individual Support
Development of Dashboards & Reports

Please exploit the know-how of our experts.

Tableau has successfully implemented. Nevertheless, do you need the resources for the production of professional Dashboards und Reports? Our well trained and certified staff will be delighted to prepare these and support you across the entire value chain. This will include the development of interfaces and sources, the development of dashboards & reports and finally filing system and administration of the data systems. This will encapsulate internal projects as well as client projects. At the end of the day you will have happy employees and clients leading to higher profit.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Development of Dashboards
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Individual Cockpits, e.g. on
    • CxO-Level
    • Real Estate Custodians
    • Banking Management
  • File Management
Tableau Managed Services

One stop with SIEGER.

The benefit of ranges across the entire Company: e.g. Purchase, Production, Sales, Finance, Audit, IT and Operations. Due to our sound Tableau-Expertise we can offer you various „Managed Services“ at first hand. This will lead to many synergies and will increase the efficiency of your entire Company. Consequently, costs will be saved and you staff will be benefit by less operative workload.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Update of Tableau-Versions
  • Management of licenses
  • Data preparation
  • Data consolidation
  • Support-Hotline
  • Center of Excellence (CoE)

On request we are happy to provide even more service.

Development of an Analysis Culture

We establish Tableau within your everyday life.

Across you entire organization your staff will recognize many things which have not been seen before. You will get answers on many topics which have not been asked prior that date. Therefore it is vital to establish an innovative culture of analysis to make your employees fit for the future digitalization. Your profit will rise with Tableau in the interest of your clients.

Our service comprises i.e.:

  • Tableau-based MIS (Management Information System)
  • Tableau-Community
    • comprehensive CMS (Content-Management-System)
    • including interesting Links & Articles

Our 6 Tableau®Tools

6 Tools have been developed for your benefit in order to support you regarding the usage of Tableau. All our Tools can be comprehensively been implemented.

Integrated Governance System & User Management

Tableau Server saves costs within a Compliance-based context.

All BI-Solutions and Analyze-MIS (Management Information System) requires a Governance-System and User Management function. These are embedded with internal and external as well as regulatory frameworks. This integrated Tableau Tool by SIEGER permits all regulated companies like Banks, large listed corporations but also small organization with minimum data protection standards to leverage this system. Within this Tool the entire Governance-System as well as the User Management is already integrated. Accordingly, even complex Hierarchies across all jurisdictions, products, organization etc. can easily & fast been documented and represented.

Your advantages:

  • Optimized Governance-System
  • Cost reductions and time savings
  • All Hierarchies can easily been reflected
  • Data protection requirements are already fully integrated into the tool
  • Efficient process will result into lower costs
Site- & Project Management

Your employees will benefit from our efficient and integrated solutions.

All projects are subject to obligatory -documentation requirement and -project management. Those follow from the objective to finalize a project and from internal & external guidelines. Accordingly, our Tableau-Tool allows reproducing the entire spectrum of regulatory requirements as well as internal documentation demands. There are no limitations for the Site- & Project Management and it is easily to use.

Your advantages:

  • Integrated Project Management already exists
  • Low costs & easy to use
  • Management & Staff saves time
  • Optimized and standardized internal & external processes
  • Simple management of the entire project

Example: Request Project


Workbook-Deployment & -Documentation

Deployment & Documentation is “a piece of cake“ and will save time & money.

Once the workbooks have been developed and tested, they must go into production and be documented in parallel. All these functions can be integrated by our Tool and are very easy to operate. In the past each staff member in an organization has suffered by such time consuming documentation. However, with our Tableau-Tool – an innovative BI-Solution – your company is second to none. The Workbook-Deployment and Documentation will become a „piece of cake“.

Your advantages:

  • Project are faster time to market
  • Requirements of documentation are easily & fast to be implemented
  • All legal demands even for listed companies can be established
  • Sound regulatory & legal obligations are retained
  • Even complex deployments in Banks are simplified

Example: Workbook documentation

Workbook-Deployment & -Dokumentation

Workbook-Search & -Investigation

“Time is Money“– Search will be seen as pleasure and improves efficiency.

Each staff member faced these challenges: Last Sales-Report from last year for example should be sent to the Managing Board urgently or the actual P&L numbers need to be prepared urgently. However, the new staff members cannot find the worksheet and does not know who did it or where it has been archived. We also provide you with a completed solution for Tableau. This solution comprises a versatile and simply to use self-learning search function. Hence each employee and the management can find all dashboards and all additional information. This saves time and improves efficiency across the entire organization.

Your advantages:

  • All search functions are already embedded with the Tool
  • Simple filing management & -system
  • Considerable time savings within the organization
  • Workflow will be simplified
  • Costs will be reduced via report processes
License Management

Effective License Management warrants an easy business with a virtual environment.

All Tableau-Licenses need to be monitored from purchase order until date of expiry. In particular it needs to be verified whether all licenses are used, who is the owner or there is any abuse. Furthermore, all legal and regulatory requirements need to be reflected. This is in the interest of you employee, all users and the entire organization.

With our Tools this function can be integrated within Tableau and it will be ensured that e.g. at any time all licenses will be prolonged across the entire organization. Furthermore, any violation will be prevented and all requirements safe guarded.

Your advantages:

  • All legal requirements can be reflected
  • “Need-to-know”- principal is already integrated
  • Entirely Audit- & Compliance compatible
  • Cost savings due to effective management
  • Reliable licensing management across all report processes
Audit-Trails & History

An “absolute must“ for each Company will become a competitive advantage.

Retention periods of companies last up to 20 years subject to jurisdiction and type of business ownership. In addition the requirements of Audit-Trails have significantly been increased due to many additional regulations and legal frameworks. These have reached a very high standard in the meantime and are mandatory subject to industry or corporate organization.

Consequently, we offer a fully automated solution for Tableau. At the push of the button each history is available and your Audit-Trail is integrated. Hence your administration costs will be reduced and your efficiency been improved at the same time.

Your advantages:

  • Even complex organization forms can be reflected
  • Audit-Trails can easily been retraced
  • History can be shown for a long period
  • Automated & integrated solution within Tool already exists
  • Process- and efficiency enhancements across the entire organization

Our 6 Financial Industry Solutions for Tableau®

The »Financial Industry Solutions« for Tableau are developed by us for Banks and Insurance Companies in particular. Currently 6 solutions are offered in order to support you in managing and controlling with the relevant KPIs your business.

Your advantages Due to SIEGER

  • High ROI: Due to our sound expertise & strong degree of automation
  • Fast Time to Market: Solutions will be finalized within short time frame
  • Excellent adaption rate via fast “Quick wins” and parallel coaching.
  • Input of leading technology and method (e.g. Gartner-Leader Tableau).
  • Agile Project-Management: Fast adoption on new challenges.
  • Governance-conform solutions without any loss of flexibility.
  • Low costs via fast implementation cycles, effective Tools and agile project management.
  • Higher profit due to lower administration costs, improved quality and lower IT costs.

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