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In many companies planning processes are still firmly rooted using Excel. Though this may be sufficient in the case of a centralized planning framework, it will create many challenges when it comes to decentralized planning framework:

  1. The creation and sharing of Excel files across many responsible users and subsequent consolidation into one joint planning process is highly complex and error-prone.
  2. The accumulation of planning consultations and meetings can multiply the workload exponentially, leaving the question: what is our final plan?
  3. Workflows cannot be represented and the process cannot be retraced.
  4. For the entire reporting process from actuals to plan figures the challenges are twofold: Either the target figures have to be uploaded to into the reporting system or the actual figures have to be updated within Excel files.

Consider these points in the context of a company across several locations, various countries and multiple planning and calculation phases: You will conclude that a combined reporting and planning system can significantly reduce your work load, complexity and the duration of your planning process.

Our consulting service

  • Human resources planning
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Sales planning
  • Investment planning
  • Cost center planning
  • Marketing strategy

The more diverse the planning process is, the more difficult it is to develop a central process for an integrated planning. SIEGER supports you across:

  1. Analysis and evaluation of your current planning applications (Excel, Access, etc.)
  2. Analysis and assessment of your current and future planning processes (planning logic, workflows, simulations, authorization concepts, etc.)
  3. Implement your new planning process with the latest technologies


  • Usage of a state of the art planning application that meets all your requirements
  • Fast and competent support regarding enhancements
  • Provision of an integrated Service Package

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