SIEGER – From Insights to Impact

We are SIEGER, the end-to-end boutique consultancy with special focus on digitization and data management in highly regulated industries.

We are familiar with Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data. Handling data is an essential part of our corporate DNA. In our projects we achieve individual solutions together with our customers and help to operationalize them. We use powerful combinations of methods and tools that lead quickly and effectively to the goal.

Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data

The experts when it comes to complex consulting projects. Here are just a few of our strengths: Here are just a few of our strengths:

Will lead to substantial competitive advantages within your client portfolio and for your Company. Consequently, efficiency will increase and costs will be reduced.

Complexity & cost reduction via data migration, -automation and -consolidation as success factor of your Company are part of our DNA.

These 2 innovative factors are a „must“ for each Company i.e. to foster customer loyalty and winning new clients. We provide Industrialization 4.0. solutions as your competitive advantage.

Successful Data Management in times of Big Data increases your profitability and reduces costs. Please use our Know How and proven track record.

Our business lab has had a proven track record for the successful digital transformation of many companies for years. We deliver innovative models and solutions for you.

Both success factors form an integral component within a business culture. Our innovative solutions give your company the competitive edge for the future digitization.

Time is money. Please take advantage of our sound data expertise i.e. to improve your decision making & entire company –process.

Modern and flexible analysis tools are becoming more important. We help you to exploit the potential of Tableau, a market-leading tool for data analysis and visualization.

We offer customized training courses for our software solutions so you can exploit the full potential of the optimized processes.

Financial Industry Solutions delivered by SIEGER

In a highly regulated, competitive low-interest environment SIEGER offers innovative and highly adaptable solutions for your company.

  • Corporate and Investment Banking

    Banks operate in a very competitive environment with low margins. Consequently, our solutions across MIS, CRM, Pipeline- and Product Management will increase your profitability, reduce costs and give your company the digital edge.

  • Private and Wealth Management

    Our innovative solutions underpin the recognition of new investment opportunities in accordance with sound risk minimization. Real time dashboards support your Sales & Service staff to optimize customer service.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management operates nowadays in low margin and high risk -environment. We foster all internal and external scenarios (Fond Manager, Client-Extranet, etc.) to increase profit and efficiency.

 Financial Industry Solutions Regulatory Analytics
  • Structured Finance

    Dynamic Management of Cash Flow Risks, Syndication and Liquidity Management are mandatory. Our solutions will ensure a fast and efficient Risk Management Process on the one hand and will optimize the Sales Process on the other hand.

  • Credit Risk Management

    Our approach optimizes your credit process and ensures a comprehensive view of all risk ratings & classes. Consequently, the risk of your entire portfolio will be reduced and transparency be increased in line with Time-to-Market optimization.

  • Regulatory Analytics

    Our Consulting Solution improve you regulatory framework (e.g. BCBS 239). In addition, our approach will ensure a simple supervision of Excel and similar Data Sources and offers risk assessment within 1 Dashboard.