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Data Consolidation & Migration

Reduce complexity and costs through migration, automation and consolidation.

Many companies operate and rely on unsupervised IT. This is often the result of different functions within Microsoft Office products, in particular Excel or Access. Due to these applications companies face various risks:

  • Missing documentation may lead to lack of opportunities
  • Often unregulated and not subject to change management
  • Data theft possible through portable formats and lack of Identity Access Management (e.g., KWG §44)
  • Violation of Compliance or Governance rules within some industries (e.g., BCBS 239)

There are still further challenges:

  • Data and logic is stored in unknown locations
  • Specialist knowledge of employees cannot be easily retraced or reproduced
  • Out of date data and lack of data qualitye
  • Integration of Excel and Notes data into other systems is very complex
  • Power users can set up shadow IT systems

Our consulting services

These applications present major challenges for the companies. SIEGER provides support with a range of services in the following areas:

  • Joint development of strategic solutions
  • Identification and risk assessment of applications using simulations under predefined scenarios (for example BCBS 239 catalogues)
  • Migration of mission-critical applications through our own SIEGER Migration Factory OR
  • Continued operation of your EUC applications in a strictly regulated and monitored environment (SIEGER IDV Application Management)
  • Decommissioning of applications
  • Introduction of a software-supported EUC inventory as well as an automated risk scoring system based on ClusterSeven

SIEGER supports you throughout each phase of this process and resolves all aspects of the implementation. You will receive outstanding advice. We have sound expertise in complex IT systems, -migration and -automation for many years.

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