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The role of controlling within companies has increased strongly in recent years. One of the reasons for this has been an increase in demand for information and reports from management. In many companies, this has led to controlling departments becoming less able to carry out their core tasks – planning, coordination and control.

The aim should be to minimize the cost of its data preparation, reporting, planning and implementation in order to concentrate on controlling’s core competencies.

To this end, companies require IT systems that relieve their controlling processes of these additional tasks. They also need self-service analytics tools that allow for the creation of interactive dashboards and analyses which end users can independently analyze further. SIEGER supports you in the selection, integration and operation of these systems and tools.

Resulting reductions in cost and workload in the areas of planning, statistical projection and simulation can be realized by the extensive automation of existing Excel systems with direct access to current data. Instead of requiring several weeks of preparation in Excel, planning reports can be compiled at the push of a button and real-time statuses continuously tracked. Whether sales planning, HR planning or cost center planning, our solutions will shorten your preparation time, giving more time to analyze and evaluate.

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Hans Sieder
Executive Director