Welcome to SIEGER

Our company culture is unique. We develop our strengths as a team and work as one to deliver the best results for our clients. We draw our inspiration from having fun in what we do, passion for our discipline and the pursuit of constant development.

If you believe in initiative and innovation, you’re welcome at SIEGER. As a working student or experienced professional – whether you’re a lateral-thinker, a quality fanatic or IT enthusiast.

10 Reasons to Join SIEGER

1. Team Spirit:

Our team creates a positive atmosphere and supports each other in all matters.

2. Culture of Trust

Our working culture is based on transparency – because our office doors are always open, we trust each other and approach topics together.

3. Work-Life Balance:

SIEGER is family-friendly, offers flexible working hours and home office opportunities.

4. Diversity and Innovation:

We work on exciting projects with innovative solutions and new technologies. You will continue to grow professionally in the face of new challenges.

5. Design and Development Possibilities:

We support each of our SIEGER team members through individual professional development. Be it Microsoft certifications, workshops or exciting conferences – we’ll help you reach your goals.

6. Language Courses:

We offer Skype Business English courses with a teacher at the other end of the world.

7. Team Events:

We like to go go-karting, play paintball or exploring the climbing forests.

8. The Best Equipment:

You have the choice between a Mac or Windows laptop and each of us is equipped with an iPhone or tablet.

9. Free Space:

Everyone is responsible for his or her own area, can contribute ideas or make changes.

10. End of Week Relaxation:

Get ready for the weekend with a Friday massage or a yoga session.

Sound interesting? Take a look at our vacancies here.